Mind. Body. Spirit. Family.

At Interim HealthCare, we believe that truly successful at-home care must consider the whole person. Our unique HomeLife Enrichment® standard of care reflects that belief, incorporating activities that serve to enrich each patient’s mind, body, and spirit, while including family members in every way possible.

To us, these four components are like the four wheels that form an automobile chassis. They provide support and momentum, and everything else – in this case, each patient's personalized plan of care – is custom-built on this framework.



Through activities and personal interaction, we work to stimulate the brain and keep patients engaged in ways that add joy to daily life.



As each patient is able, we encourage physical activity from simple movements to physical therapy – helping to retain strength, range of motion, and fine motor skills that support mobility and independence.



Uplifting activities from music and art, to viewing photos and videos, can all help bring out the smile within.



Healthcare is a collective effort, so we provide information, tips, and emotional support to keep families involved, build confidence, and relieve stress.

A Helping Hand for Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes threatens a person’s future health and caring for a loved one with diabetes can be a real challenge. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but with proper care and support, your loved one can conquer type 2 diabetes. At Interim HealthCare we specialize in at-home diabetes care, so we know what it takes to successfully tackle diabetes day-to-day. That’s why we created a comprehensive, easy-to-follow Diabetes Caregiver’s Guide.

Our guide outfits you with tools for caregiving success. It explains:

  • Why the role of caregiver is so important
  • Why making certain changes is so important – and the consequences of ignoring them
  • How-to instructions for monitoring and understanding blood sugar levels
  • Tips and real-life examples for finding solutions to lifestyle changes in diet and exercise
  • How to respond to diabetes-related emergencies

This guide applies the same holistic approach to diabetes care that our Interim home health teams use with every patient – illustrating why and how engaging the mind, body, spirit, and family members contributes to your loved one’s happiness and well-being.

You can do this! We’re here to help.


Dementia is Hard. This Guide Can Help.

Our commitment to caring for the whole patient in mind, body, and spirit includes families because dementia and its consequences affect all family members. Caring for a loved one with dementia is especially difficult. You’re saddened by their diagnosis and worried about the future. Our in-home care team can help provide much-needed support and peace of mind.

With that support, you can spend more time with your loved one while they are still cognizant and that benefits everyone. The effects of dementia will progress inevitably, meaning quality time now is the most important factor for families and patients.

Because the challenges of caring for someone with diminishing cognition or memory are so complex, Interim HealthCare has developed this caregiver’s guide, filled with information and helpful tips.


What Our Clients Say About Us

We know our home health team members are making a difference in people's lives because we hear from patients and their families every day. Below, we share some of their thoughts.


“My mother's caregiver from Interim does a wonderful job…”

“My mother's caregiver from Interim does a wonderful job with my mom. We are so glad to have her here. I feel a lot better having with my mom while I am at work. She is so caring, helpful and we love having her here.”

- A. McKinney


“Our nurse was an angel!”

“Our nurse was an angel! She provided professional care with love and dignity. She became a part of our family.”

- Interim HealthCare Patient’s Family


"Excellent care and support!"

“We received excellent care and support! Very best experience we could have had under the circumstances. God bless them!”

- Interim HealthCare Patient’s Family


"They are part of the family!"

“Interim Hospice was amazing. They are part of our family! They will always be in my prayers.”

- Interim HealthCare Patient’s Family