Our Response

During Times of Uncertainty, Depend on Interim

COVID-19 has transformed the world we live in, almost overnight. Those most susceptible to this respiratory virus are the same people we care for every day. We know it’s concerning, but whatever health challenges our patients face, Interim HealthCare is here to help. With a holistic care approach— including mind, body, spirit, and family—we're prepared to keep people healthy at home during the pandemic.

Interim is Well-Prepared and Ready to Respond

For seniors and those with serious underlying health conditions, home is the safest place to be. No one understands this better than Interim HealthCare. We’ve been providing the care and support individuals need to live independently and safely at home since 1979 and we know what to do in a health crisis. We’ve helped our patients through them before, and we’ll see them safely through this one now.

Home Care that Puts People First

The first thing you should know about Interim is how much we genuinely care about our patients and we will do everything we can to protect their health and lift their spirits during this trying time. At Interim, caring for others is not just a job, it’s a calling– one that we are privileged to fulfill. We understand what it means to invite a caregiver into the home and the responsibility we bear. We go to great lengths to ensure Interim caregivers have the right skills, credentials, and personality to deliver exceptional care.

Providing Care During a Pandemic Requires a Detailed Plan

At Interim, we’re not just hoping our patients make it through this time well, but we have a detailed plan in place to ensure they do. Here’s a look at some of the proactive measures we’re taking to protect our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic:


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Preparation & Training

  • Our employees have been trained on “COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention Practices”
  • We provide employees with daily updates and collaborate with our network of 300+ offices to respond to needs, provide solutions, and ensure the safety of our clients
  • Employees have access to a vast online network of clinical training and professional development resources to ensure their skills are well-matched to your needs

Monitoring and Reporting

  • We monitor the health of our employees and patients daily and take the proper preventative measures when symptoms appear
  • We respond promptly to any suspected and/or confirmed cases of COVID-19
Alternative methods

Alternative Methods of Care

  • Regular communication with patients via phone or text
  • Virtual telehealth check-ins with clients via Zoom and FaceTime
  • Physician visits via telemedicine technology, supported by various self-assessment tools
High standards

High Standards in Safety

  • Adherence to guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State Department of Health,
    and any state-specific mandates
  • Employees exhibiting symptoms of an illness are required to stay home
  • Increased hand hygiene protocols require employees to wash/sanitize their hands before and after patient contact and at regular intervals throughout the day
  • Disinfecting patients’ homes includes cleaning frequently touched surfaces and
    items such as countertops, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, cell phones, etc.
  • Partnering with suppliers to secure personal protective equipment (PPE) and resources required to keep patients safe and employees protected while caring for others

Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • Interim has a preparedness plan in place for emergencies related to COVID-19
  • Our plan has been recently updated and clearly communicated to our employees to ensure they know how to respond in a critical situation

Interim understands that COVID-19 poses real concerns for our patients, but we have a solid plan in place to keep them safe and well. Our team is experienced, well-prepared, and ready to respond. Whatever challenges our patients are facing, they can count on Interim HealthCare to be a reliable source of skilled care, compassion, and support amid this health crisis.