Hospice Care Services in Easley: Going Above and Beyond

Hospice Care Services in Easley | Interim HealthCare of the Upstate

If you're looking into hospice care for a loved one, you want the best of the best. At Interim HealthCare of the Upstate, we have specialty hospice care services that go above and beyond for those in Easley, SC and the surrounding communities. We want to enhance your loved one's life during this time while also providing compassionate care and support — and that's exactly what we do.

How Our Hospice Care Services Go Above and Beyond

To us, going above and beyond for our hospice patients is second nature. The following services are examples of how we accomplish this every day:

  • Bucket lists. We love to help our patients make their goals and dreams a reality, as it can bring hope and encouragement to this otherwise difficult time.
  • Music and pet therapy. It's no surprise that listening to music or petting a soft puppy can ease the mind and make you smile. We are proud to offer these unique therapy services to our hospice patients, providing peace and companionship.
  • Personal care. Our hospice care includes personalized, one-on-one care for your loved one during their time of need. This care can occur on a private pay basis if your loved one requires services beyond those covered by insurance.
  • 24/7 availability. Our staff are caring and dedicated, graciously offering their services around the clock. No matter when your loved one needs us, we will be there.

About Our Hospice Care Services in Easley

This is understandably a very difficult time for your loved one and family. Our hospice care services are comprehensive in nature and work to serve everyone involved, from unique care for your loved one to emotional and grief support for you and your family. 

At Interim HealthCare of the Upstate, we have a variety of services to serve your loved one. Some of these include nursing care, complimentary therapies, companionship, and spiritual care and support. We are here to bring light into your loved one's life, and we fully believe that life has value even until the last moment.

Going beyond hospice care for your loved one, we work to provide support to your family. We have social work support available to you, as well as our bereavement program, which provides ongoing support for up to 13 months.

Call us today at 1-800-758-4966 for more information about our hospice care services in Easley. We are proud to also extend our services into the nearby areas of Pickens, Anderson, Spartanburg, Greenville, and Cherokee and Oconee Counties.