In Home Nurse in Greenville: What We Do and How We Help

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As your loved one ages, health and self care can become more challenging to maintain. At Interim HealthCare of the Upstate, we can connect your loved one with an in home nurse in the Greenville area. Our caregivers can provide personalized care to your loved one in their time of need.

In Home Nurses in Greenville: What We Do

Receiving a new diagnosis or even just a new medication can be overwhelming. Our trained caregivers are here to make any health situation easier for your loved one.

Our home health services include:

  • Health assessments
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • IV management
  • Injections
  • Medication administration

Our caregivers can also assist with postoperative wound care and the care of select skin conditions. Our Wound Care program uses collaboration between the physician, insurer, and home health provider to make sure the correct care is received by your loved one.

We also provide home-based therapy, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Our therapy programs are designed to help your loved one regain confidence with daily tasks. Recovering physical motion and strength can be accomplished in the home, where you and your family can be closely involved.

How Our In Home Nurses Help

The greatest help we can be to your loved one is providing the care they need in the familiar setting of their home. Our in home nurses eliminate the need for traveling to and from doctors' appointments, saving you and your loved one valuable time.

Another perk of our home health care service is our flexibility. We are committed to working with you and your loved one to meet your scheduling needs. Our caregivers also work to provide personalized care, ensuring your loved one is tended to with the utmost respect.

Servicing the Spartanburg, Pickens, Anderson, Cherokee, and Oconee counties, our caregivers have been providing care to families throughout the Greenville area since 1979.

Call us at (864) 627-1200 to discuss the option of an in home nurse in the Greenville area.