Home Hospice Care in Greenville: Helping Your Family with Compassionate Care

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Hospice care is a unique and highly specialized form of medical care that goes beyond treating physical symptoms of a life-limiting condition. Our home hospice care can provide relief from pain and other symptoms for our patients in the Greenville area, but it also caters to their emotional needs. For many patients facing terminal health issues, being able to dictate how and where they spend their time — and whom they spend it with — is an incredible and liberating gift as well. 

However, that doesn't mean that transitioning to hospice care is an easy choice. It often comes after a long period of discomfort and pain, and may be seen by some loved ones as giving up the fight against kidney failure, heart disease, or another illness their family member has been fighting. But the reality is that home hospice care at the hands of a compassionate team can actually free you and your family to focus on celebrating your loved one's life instead of constantly fearing their death. It means enjoying quality time together at home and sharing memories you will always treasure. 

How Our Hospice Care Can Help Your Loved Ones

Nothing can take away the pain you and your loved ones feel when a relative is in poor health, but the support of a hospice care team can help keep your family focused on what matters most: the love your family shares. The physical hospice care services we offer, including main management and home nursing, can ensure your loved one feels more comfortable, and therefore more able to engage with friends and family. Meanwhile, your family will also have access to counseling, therapy, and other forms of emotional support while your loved one receives care and beyond. 

When to Call About Home Hospice Care in the Greenville Area

A medical professional may recommend hospice care when a patient has explored all treatment options for recovery, or when the effects of an intensive treatment like chemotherapy may ultimately do more harm than good for their long-term quality of life. Whether or not your family has decided to pursue home hospice care, it's never too soon to start a conversation about this service with a home care provider in the Greenville area.

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