Hospice Services in Greenville: Helping Your Family with Compassionate Care

Hospice Services in Greenville | Interim HealthCare of the Upstate

Hospice care is a difficult subject, and while it may be hard to discuss, it can provide peace of mind and comfort during this time. When you're ready to have the conversation, you can depend on our hospice services in Greenville, SC.

About Our Hospice Services in Greenville

During this time, we know your loved one and your family need compassionate care. Our patient-centered approach means your loved one's needs are met every day, and our mission is to provide care and companionship during your loved one's final days. 

We offer a range of hospice services, including:

  • Nursing care
  • Social work support
  • Complimentary therapies
  • Hospice home health aides
  • Chaplain for spiritual care and support

Our hospice services are typically administered in your loved one's home; however, if the care exceeds what can be offered at home, we partner with local hospitals and nursing homes. Our goal is to enhance life and provide comfort for your loved one, and we will do all that we can to achieve this.

This is a difficult time for your loved one and your family. The emotional nature of someone's final days eventually turn into grief, and we offer bereavement services for your family to help with the overwhelming feelings that come with losing someone you love.

Our bereavement program lasts up to 13 months and provides ongoing support during this time. It can be easy to let the feelings overwhelm you or to retreat from your friends and family. Know that we will be here for you, and that you can turn to us for help.

Get Started with Interim HealthCare of the Upstate

A frequent question about hospice services is when to start them. There is no concrete answer to this question. It is important that you speak with your loved one's physician and caregivers to assess their health. Health care professionals will often know when to begin the services. Remember: Hospice is about care and enhancing your loved one's life; it is not a sign of failure.

We know these moments are precious, and we will support your loved one and your family in any way we can. To learn more about our hospice services, call us at 1-800-758-4966. Our services are available to those in Greenville, Spartanburg, Pickens, and Anderson, as well as Cherokee and Oconee Counties.